2013 AHA for American Religious Historians

Paul Harvey

Need a guide to a lot of sessions on American religious history at the 2013 AHA/ASCH, which begins tomorrow and goes through Sunday? Well, don't ask me, because I won't be there. But fortunately David McConeghy has come to the rescue with this very informative post which highlights a lot of the premier sessions in our field. So check it out, those of you enjoying NOLA. Hopefully one of our bloggers here will have an AHA report for us after attending! Enjoy the beignets, bistros, and bitch sessions, ya'll.

Oh, for those following on twitter, the hashtag is #aha2013


Mark T. Edwards said…
Thanks, Paul.

A few other panels of note:

Thursday, 3:30, no. 47--God and Mammon

Friday 8:30, no. 80, The Christian Origins of the American Century

Friday, 2:30, no. 134, Evil in America from the Early Republic to the Christian Right

Saturday, 11:30, ASCH n. 26, Beyond the Protestant Establishment
Anonymous said…
Thanks for the link, Paul! Happy to be of service to the community.

Mark is absolutely right on the sessions he adds. Many of those are in my pt 2 post, but that one is just links. Can't do it all, right?

Also, I think I missed a Sunday panel on Global Evangelicalism featuring Mark Noll and several other top scholars.