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Women & Gender at the Conference on Faith and History

Andrea L. Turpin

I'm getting excited for the biennial Conference on Faith and History held this year at Calvin College in Grand Rapids, MI October 4-6. My anticipation is not only linked to the hope that this Texan will get to experience some Fall. It is also linked to the large number of promising papers on the program.

This year marks the conference's 50th anniversary and I look forward to hearing reflections on where the field has been and where it is going. Even more so, I look forward to seeing first hand where it is going. One of the things that is so promising about the papers is how much the conference has diversified since I first began attending exactly ten years ago. Every single time slot of panel presentations contains at least one paper on women's or gender history and a couple contain entire competing panels. Notably, the presidential plenary by my Baylor colleague Beth Allison Barr will incorporate women's history.

Equally encouraging is the range of th…

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