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Black Evangelical Students and the Formation of the Black Evangelical Renaissance

Today we welcome Tim Ballard to the blog! Tim Ballard is a historian of twentieth-century evangelicalism at the University of Montana and recently defended his dissertation “The Missionary Enterprise, Racial Conflict, and the Transformation of American Evangelicalism, 1945-1980.” In his attempt to historicize the development of multiethnic theology, Tim continually came across the critical interventions of black evangelicals. He decided to give this intervention a name: The Black Evangelical Renaissance. This post introduces the arrival of the Black Evangelical Renaissance through the lens of the collegiate ministry of InterVarsity Christian Fellowship.

Tim Ballard
Posted by Janine Giordano Drake.
Carl Ellis, Jr., was a veteran of direct action campaigns by the age of eighteen. When he arrived at Hampton Institute in the fall of 1965 to begin college, though, he sought out the company of evangelical Christians rather than activists. Along with his new friends, he chartered a chapter of…

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