Muslim Voices in the Heartland

Kristian Petersen

For those of you who are lucky enough to be on the Front Range this weekend you have a wonderful opportunity to hear more about the contemporary American Muslim experience. Beginning today, the Center for Media, Religion and Culture and Center for Asian Studies at the University of Colorado Boulder will be hosting a series of events called Muslim Voices in the Heartland. The event is a product of the ongoing Muslims in the Mountain West Project directed by Nabil Echchaibi, Assistant Professor of Journalism and Mass Communication.

Here is the intro:
The Muslims in the Mountain West Project is pleased to announce “Muslim Voices in the Heartland”, a 3-day event featuring discussion panels with local, regional and national Muslim writers, journalists, scholars, and activists. 

While bringing together some of the leading scholars on Muslim modernites, including Megan Reif, Nader Hashemi, and Sophia Rose Shafi, this gathering is unique in combining scholarly presentations with the participation of local and national American Muslims to speak on their own experience. Panels include “On ‘Muslim Rage,’ Media and Politics,” “Life as a Muslim in the Mountain West,” and “Storytelling, Media & Muslims in America.” American Muslim artistic expressions will also be presented, including a poetry reading by award-winning spoken word artist Dominique Ashaheed, a conversation with playwright Wajahat Ali about his theatrical production The Domestic Crusaders, and a screening of the film Mooz-Lum followed by a discussion with Director Basir (Q) Qasim.

Events will be held October 4 – 6 at the University of Colorado Boulder.
All the details can be found on the complete program.