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Joseph Smith, Liberty Jail from Elder Nick Owen's website
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Christmas came early for me, thanks to the Journal of Religion's October edition. Celebrating the career of W. Clark Gilpin (which, based on his essay in the journal and work he has recently done is nowhere near finished), a series of essays examine the role and power of writing throughout US religious history. Catherine Brekus has an essay on "Writing Religious Experience." Curtis Evans has one on notions of "true religion" in Uncle Tom's Cabin, Kathleen Flake engages Joseph Smith's letter from Liberty Jail, and Jonathan Ebel takes a look at John Steinbeck and the religion of a wandering "Oklahoman" (it is also about bureaucratic writing ... so this is a double for Paul Harvey - Oklahoman by birth; bureaucrat by choice). Wrapping it up is Sarah Imhoff on Walter Lippmann, Felix Adler, and the concept of "secular moral authority."

I've just started wading into the deep waters of these essays, but it strikes me as the best kind of recognition for Dr. Gilpin's amazing career: more tremendous scholarly analysis.


John G. Turner said…
Thanks, Ed. I read this right before an exam, and I therefore brought some great reading material with me.
Christopher said…
Looks like a fantastic issue. Thanks for the heads up.