Social Media, Part II: Follow RiAH

Paul Harvey

Thanks to Mike for posting about using social media in the classroom, and I look forward to Kelly's post on the same soon.

U.S. Religion BlogWhile we're on the subject, our little blog now has over 960 FB followers, and close to 460 followers on Twitter. This isn't Lady Gaga material, but it's just fine for a geeky academic blog, especially given the fact that Kelly did all the work of actually setting these things up.

I was hoping to hit 1000 + on our Facebook page and 500+ on Twitter by our 5th birthday (late June this year), but we can get there well before then, don't you think? Especially with a little help from our friends. So why don't a bunch of you forward or mention our page on your FB and Twitter acounts, and let's see if we can hit those numbers in the next month or two.

Or skip the middleman and just go ahead and follow us on Facebook, or follow us on Twitter. And tell your friends, and your "friends," that they can follow us too.


Saskia said…
Thanks for letting me know you guys have a facebook page! I went over and liked it, now 980 likes in!