Neither Video nor Radio Can Kill the Blogging and Tweeting Stars

Paul Harvey

Video has not killed the radio star, my co-blogmeister Kelly J. Baker.

Editor's note:
She will appear next Friday night (3/16) instead of tonight on the Howard Gluss radio show, where she will be giving a religious studies/historical perspective on the recent brouhaha on contraception and women's rights. Basketball outmatches interviews with American religious historians, it seems.

At her blog, Kelly also mentions her experiment in tweeting her way through a class. Our contributor Mike Altman also has been doing that, and at his blog he reflects on what he has learned about using social media in his course "Introduction to Religion: Christian and Hindu Traditions."

With any luck (and some public demands here -- hint hint, let's hear from you people) the two may engage in an online discussion for us on their thinking about the use of social media in the classroom. Below is more from Kelly's blog (posted here without her consent -- too bad), which gives you some more info and links both on her radio interview and on her classroom twitter account.

Tonight (3/9) (Preempted by basketball -- rescheduled for Friday 03/16 -- ed.) I’ll be on the radio talking religion and women’s bodies on “Trailblazers” with Howard Gluss. My segment starts at 7:30 pm PST (or in my time zone 10:30 EST). Feel free to listen as I try to make sense of the place of religion in the current contentious debates about contraception, abortion and reproductive rights. Live-streaming is available at
This particularly apt as the end to my week, since my 300 level students have been watching George Ratliff’s documentary Hell House (2003). For those of you who don’t know what Hell Houses are, they are alternative haunted houses in which sins are enacted (embodied) as a method of evangelism. In the documentary, it becomes clear that women’s bodies are the battlegrounds for many Pentecostal discussions of sins, as women’s bodies continue to be in current public debates too. To see how my students reacted, check out our tweets under the hashtag #rest351

To conclude, here is Kelly performing the classic "Video Killed the Radio Star":