That Religious Show (Hamilton College)

Kelly Baker

My dear colleague, S. Brent Plate, has an excellent article on Religion Dispatches about the visual culture of 9/11 about how often we remember to forget as well as the language used to describe the destruction and tragedy of the events. I especially like Brent's reflections on how movies became the interpretative frame for our descriptions.

While the article is not to be missed, Plate's current pedagogical project is also not to be missed. His class on Religion and Media at Hamilton College in New York started their very own radio show aptly titled, "That Religion Show," which airs Tuesday nights at 7 pm (Eastern) until finals at Hamilton. Tonight's episode is entitled Conflict and Commemoration: Ten Years After" and will air on WHCL 88.7FM, Clinton, NY or streaming at:

Tonight's show includes the following discussion:

Find outwhat's so "religious" about 9/11.
Find outwhy sometimes two steel girders are just two steel girders.
Find outwhy scenes of destruction become "sacred," and therefore alsocontested.
Find outwhy we humans need images, dust, and old shoes.
With ThemeMusic by Michael "Doc" Woods, and contributions from Sarah Perdomo('12), Nzaba Fonseca-Sabune ('12), Daniel Hughes ('12), and Prof Plate.

Questions?email Prof Plate: splate (at)hamilton (dot)edu
Podcastsmay be available for later listening (we're working on that!)

As soon as a podcast is available, I'll let our readers now, so tune in!

Editor's note (9/20): The archives for the show will be available at


Tom Van Dyke said…
Breathtaking. I can say no more.