Friday Night Ramadan Lights

Paul Harvey

Today is an unabashedly patriotic "I love this country" post. In "All-Nighters Keep Football Team Competitive During Ramadan," the wacky beauty and deep pragmatism of American religious pluralism (with the countervailing voices of bigotry also present, if muted this time) come through. Friday Night Lights takes on a new meaning in Dearborn, Michigan. A favorite passage:

Some teammates said they would break their fasts on opening day to gain energy and avoid cramping (and make up for it with later fasting.) Leila said he would not eat or drink until sundown, which should occur about halftime. Then coaches will provide water, dates, oranges and other fruit to help refuel their players’ empty tanks.

“You might not have a lot of energy that first half, but once you eat you feel refreshed,” Leila said. “After halftime, I’ll be coming after those guys.”