Hate Week in the OC

Paul Harvey

In 1984 it was "Two Minutes' Hate"; now it's 5 minutes' hate I guess. Hussein Rashid explains the context for the event here, and further background information on how what originally was (so I gather) a protest against a speaker for a charity event devolved into a spectacle of indiscriminate hate-mongering is here as well. To some extent, this is standard-issue stuff, a group of idiots exercising their free speech rights to make known their bigotry and ignorance, but the way the public officials fire up the crowds brings to mind some of the worst incidents in American history.


Kelly Baker said…
This, of course, is happening at the same time that Tennessee introduced legislation about outlawing sharia law.
Keena said…
I'm seriously crying at my desk. This is just too much for me. I'm speechless.