God in America: Pre-Premiere Reviews and NPR Forum Network

Paul Harvey

A couple of nice reviews of the PBS series God in America to be shown next week, Oct. 11 - 13: this one, from Variety, and this one, from the Boston Phoenix. I'll have more to say on the show both here and at Religion Dispatches, by early next week.

In the meantime, here's a press release from WGBH (where the show originated) on a series of lectures and other events associated with the show:

October 5th, 2010

Press Contact:
Stacy Buchanan617.300.2458

Boston, MA – The PBS|NPR Forum Network has recently added a new series of curated
talks around the upcoming PBS broadcast God In America.

Examine the complex interactions between religion and democracy though the
God In America series, which contains over 100 lectures and talks by the world's biggest
religious experts, scholars, philosophers, and journalists, and features some of the
largest religious debates in the United States.

Journalists and scholars explore the changing landscape of American faith. Other
talks to discover include: Rutgers University political science professor W. Carey
McWilliams discusses the future of Catholicism in America. Stephen Goldsmith, former
special advisor for President Bush, talks about the role of religion in American cities, and
history's greatest minds wrestle with reconciling science and religion.

These are just a few of the many talks that can be found in the God In America
series, all free and respected resources to help the American population better
understand the history, diversity, and freedom behind religion in the United States. You
can join the conversation at: http://forum-network.org/series/god-america-series. The
Forum Network lecture series God In America has been created as a compliment to the
upcoming PBS broadcast, God In America.

God In America, a presentation of AMERICAN EXPERIENCE and FRONTLINE,
will explore the historical role of religion in the public life of the United States. The six-
hour series, which interweaves documentary footage, historical dramatization and
interviews with religious historians, will air over three consecutive nights on PBS
beginning Monday, October 11th. Please check with your local PBS station for times.