This Land is My Land, You Got That?

Randall Stephens

Peter Marshall has long kept an active commentary page on his site. He's mad as hell and he's not going to take it any more! (He seems to have been mad as hell for a for some time now, so this is not a news flash.)

Marhsall is the author of The Light and the Glory, now revised, a Christian bookstore bestseller and a staple of homeschooling curriculum. (John Fea has written a cogent essay and several posts on Marshall and his career.) Marshall, along with another popular Christian historian David Barton, served as a history curriculum adviser for the Texas State Board of Education. Of that development, Fea wrote: "Someone on the Texas Board of Education must really like Marshall. This is the only way to explain how a Presbyterian pastor from New England with no formal training in history became an expert reviewer for the Social Studies standards for one of the largest states in the Union."

So, I paste here part of Marshall's recent post on Islam. (Could Marshall and Diana L. Eck have a beer summit to talk over the nature of American religion?)

Peter Marshall, "Islam's War with the West: The Need for Reality -- Part Two," 7/22/2010.

This week's commentary begins, then, with this question: When it comes to the reality of Islam in America, can a good or devout Muslim be a good American?

No. The answer, my friends, is a flat "no!" The only Muslim that could possibly be a good American is a Muslim that is non-practicing, or one that is in the process of repudiating Islam. Why? Because Islam is completely incompatible with either Christianity or patriotic Americanism
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Switch out "Muslim" with Catholic" and this could come straight from the Know-Nothings.
All I can say is "OH MY" Okay I'll add that he seems to find it odd that someone would give their first allegiance to God. I thought that's what Christians do when we say Jesus is Lord. I guess I misunderstood. My first allegiance is the to the US Flag, symbol of the Christian empire, and to the God who serves this empire. I'll not make this mistake again!