Nightmare on Born-Again Street

Randall Stephens

Christian Nightmares is a blog for those with a dark, maybe even grotesque, sense of humor. It's not for everyone. I imagine that those who dig the comedy of Mr Show, Tim and Eric Awesome Show (Great Job), The Sarah Silverman Show, The Onion, The Wittenburg Door, etc, would be the target audience. So, a lot of seminary students, I think, would find it hilarious.

Christian Nightmares is edited by a friend of mine who resides in that cesspool of meta irony and biting wittsters, New York City. The idea is to collect all on-line fundie and evangelical detritus-- bizarre, disturbing, unwittingly tasteless, lunatic--on one blog. With little comment, the editor posts videos of ventriloquist dummy clowns witnessing to children, stories about Bodybuilding ministers accused of beating church kids, the worst of Christian rap, cornball album art, soul-winning gimmicks galore, huckster prophets, and on and on and on . . . I couldn't decide whether to cry or laugh hysterically when I first perused the site.

Of course, video blogs like the obscenely funny Everything is Terrible have been around for a long time. But they only occasionally feature super-heated evangelical kitsch. Christian Nightmares is your one-stop shop for a garbage barge load of cringe-inducing, pathetic content.


Paul M. said…
Another spoof site, though with a slightly different twist:
Randall said…
Paul M.: Thanks for that suggestion. Enjoyed looking at that. I like the play on "What White People Like."
Janine Giordano said…
I can't get over what a *wonderful* primary source "stuff fundies like" will be, when ten years from now my students are writing research papers on the subject. Isn't it great how fundies have organized their own archive of their likes and dislikes?! :)
Hilde said…
Check out this too:

The writer has really lived out the #1 item on his list of stuff Christians like: "Putting a God Spin on Popular Secular Ideas." There's even a book.

Anyway, it's full of smart and funny comments on evangelical culture - the good and the not so good sides of it.
Russ said…
That's seriously twisted. I love it.

It's too bad twitter wasn't around a few years ago - I could have had a great "Sh!t my pastor says" site.
Anonymous said…
No, no, no.

"Stuff Christian Culture Likes" is the most appropriate sister to "Christian Nightmares".

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