Religion in the American West: New Blog and Seminar

Paul Harvey

Brandi Denison has started a new blog that some of you will be interested in: Religion in the American West, an offshoot of the Seminar on Religion in the American West of the American Academy of Religion. The seminar website will be featuring papers to be read in advance and discussed at the 2010 AAR in Atlanta. The new accompanying blog describes itself as follows:

This group blog is a place to initiate a rhizomatic mapping of religions in the American West. With multiple contributors focusing on a variety of places, times, and points of reference, this blog will aim to capture the diversity of narratives and approaches. Contributors will review books and journal articles, reflect on the rewards and challenges of teaching religion in the American West, share syllabi, comment on current events, point out conference paper calls, share primary source documents, and provide informal reflections on the subfield.

In the coming month, look for posts from James Bennett, Roberto Lint-Sagarena, Laurie Maffly-Kipp, Quincy Newell, Sara Patterson, and Tisa Wenger.

A warm welcome to Religion in the American West to the religion blogosphere.


Randall said…
A great lineup of contributors. I look forward to reading this. (We can get some ideas from them!)