Fake Titles, 2.0

Randall Stephens

"Counting flowers on the wall/That don't bother me at all . . . Now don't tell me I've nothing to do." I have something to do. I have to come up with another list of fake religious history book titles for the RiAH blog. Or, so I imagine I have to.

Below are some of the ones I conjured. I wanted to pepper the list with a few baroque, theory-driven texts. Others might make good trade books. And some are utterly useless, horrible.

Meth Heads and Methodists: My Journey through Missouri

Revival, Revival, My Heart's on Fire, for Revival: The Gospel According to the Oak Ridge Boys

Footprints in the Sand, Dust on the Bible: Biblical Illiteracy in the Idiocratic Age of Sentimental Religion

Canes Ecclesia: Liturgical Dogs in One Vermont Parish

America's Morbidly Obese God: Fastfood, Faith, and Girth

The Prayerful Diet: Subsisting on Mustard Seeds, Olive Oil, and Manna

Omnivorous Theologies of Transubstantiation: Substance, Presence, and Masocritical Theories of Violent Italian Religious Feasts, 1680-1681

Baptized in Fudge: Heterodoxologies at a Southern Fundamentalist Chocolate Factory

The Proof is in the Blood Pudding: Nordic Satanists in Brainerd, Minnesota

Academies of Exhibition: Phantasm, Imagination, and the White Femme Function of Exopedagogy in a Rural Baptist Church

Un-lived Religion and Livor-Mortis Southern Saints: Suicide, Hermaphroditism, and the Creation-Evolution Controversy in Texas, 1935-1937

Homer Aubrey Tomlinson: King of the World, Huckster of the Spirit


Christopher said…
Randall, these are awesome.

My favorite, I think, is the Oak Ridge Boys. And their "Revival" album would provide the perfect cover art:

Randall said…
There's something about that hermit/zz top beard in the picture, combined with the stained glass, that makes it esp. creepy.
Art said…
OK, I see a perfectly good title here. Not long ago, I watched a documentary on the home funeral movement. I wasn’t excited about watching it at first (for obvious reasons), but Netflix insisted that I would like it. And when has the Internet ever lied? Anyway, it was really quite good. So there’s your “unlived religion.”