New Look!

Paul Harvey

No, this isn't a post about Eisenhower's foreign policy, but about our stylistic changes here at RIAH! Randall Stephens, who has now officially been promoted to full BlogMeister status, has put together a new template for us, the partial results of which you see here. We're still working on it, and those of you who are using INternet Explorer as your web browser [hint -- use Firefox or Google Chrome, your life will improve immediately] may not see the blogroll and such in the right-hand column. For some mysterious reason, IE will not show that, and we're trying to fix that. The blog image at top should be changing each time you log in, as soon as we can get the Java script thingie to accomplish that.

Anyway, thanks to Randall and congratulations on his promotion to BlogMeister. Onward, Billy Pilgrim.


Luke Harlow said…
Wow. Looks great! Nice work!
Phil said…
I like the new look. "Blogmeister" will look very impressive on conference badges from now on. Seriously, good work and way to go Randall!
Chris Beneke said…
It's become evident to me that there are actually two Randall Stephens. One would not be enough to accomplish the work done by the two of them. (Nice work, guys! ... And nice work, Paul!)
Randall said…
Chris, The secret is that I have my Border Collie, Beatrice, do quite a bit of grunt work for me. So in addition to carrying my books to the office in her "Outward Hound" saddle pack, she also does some code work and transcription, etc.

Still working out the kinks with her on some of the coding. She doesn't seem to like Internet Explorer.
Kevin M Schultz said…

Border Collies are like that. And our mutual friend Maura Jane said you were an amazing multitasker. And she likes your beard.

Certainly, the promotion to blogmeister is Paul's way of getting you to keep up the good work. He's sneaky, that one.

Great work,
Christopher said…
Nice work. The new look is a solid improvement, and the various images in the header is a nice idea, too. The best blog on the internet keeps getting better.

Two minor suggestions (which you may be working on anyway):

1) The blog header (image) currently is about an inch longer than the main section that includes the posts and sidebar. Standardizing that would improve the look.

2) Format all posts (or at least all future posts) so that they are in the same font and the same sized font. It looks like most posts are in a 12-pt. arial font, but Randall's post from Wednesday ("Religious History, New Wave") appears to be in 14 pt. or larger size arial, while a couple of other posts (like Paul's recent post on Religion of Fear looks like it is in Times New Roman, size 14 or so. Standardizing the font used for each post would give a cleaner look to the blog, I think.

Just one other suggestion: Might you consider adding the Juvenile Instructor blog to your sidebar list of "Blogs and Discussions of Interest"? :)
Paul Harvey said…
Christopher: Thanks. The blog header thing is giving us fits when viewed through Internet Explorer, we're trying to fix. Same goes for fonts, and probably ultimately can't standardize that because different people post and cut and paste from their own documents. But hey, pluralism is always a little messy!

And sorry, I thought I added Juvenile Instructor a long time ago to the blogroll! Will do so now.
deg said…
The site looks wonderful. Very pleasing to the eye. Great work, Randall! Also, just so y'all know, I'm viewing it on IE right now. As Radiohead would put it, everything is in its right place. So, whatever y'all did to fix the headers, footers, and sidebars, I think it worked.
Randall said…
Thanks Chris. Thinks were a little bonkers this morning as I was trying to rework the design. Still tinkering on it. IE is having some fits with it.

BTW, for mac users there is a great website that renders pages as IE. Useful for folks who don't use that browser:
John Fea said…
Wow! This looks great. Nice work, Randall. I need to train my kids's cockapoo, Jersey to do the work of Beatrice. Are there classes for this?
Randall said…
Internet Explorer is now working as it should.

Will get some java items on down the road.
Chris Beneke said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Chris Beneke said…
John--at many colleges these days your dog is required to publish three peer-reviewed articles, as well as doing some campus service, in order for you to receive promotion. You'd be well advised to find yourself a dog trainer/PhD mentor for Jersey quickly.
Randall said…
This is all making me think of a potential post on American religion and dogs. Almost all the references to dogs in the Bible are negative, but maybe there is some evangelical website out there that is devoted to rehabilitating the image of the canine for the faith?

Dogs of the Spirit. Liturgical dogs. Altar dogs. Dogs without borders.
The new look is a great improvement.

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