Catholic Worker's Birthday

Paul Harvey

Happy 75th birthday to the Catholic Worker -- with a tribute (and HT to) here, and selection of writings, research guides, and further information here at the Catholic Worker Movement website.


Tracy said…
Today is also the fifth anniversary of "Mission Accomplished." Dorothy Day would surely have noted the irony in a blistering editorial, and not given a damn about the need to tone it down for primary season, either.
Andy Walpole said…
Happy 75th birthday Catholic Worker - still going strong even here in London.
Con Carroll said…
to-day I sent email Dr Rowan Williams
about Anglican conference and homophobia. I not only refer to Gene Robinson. to the thousands of gay men women who are alienated who have alot to offer in spirituality t

I write from Ireland living in Dublin. as a gay man
bben gay is a small part of our everyday lives
ther should be issues of more importance. to be discussed. solidarity with men women who are asylum seekers. people ho are migrant workers been expolitated

the radical political spirituality of Gospels, Francis of Assisi
the stand in solidarity with Palestinians. the people of Iraq