For those of us who didn't get a completed dissertation in our stockings...


The AHA's December edition of Perspectives provides a manageable and fairly painless advice on completion of the dreaded dissertation. Much of the advice is geared toward those entering into the ABD stage, and

At the 2004 AHA annual meeting in Washington, Robert Remini told his audience that he used to reward himself with a martini on the days he wrote six or more pages. Martinis may not be your cup of…er…gin, but you should be able to find something pleasurable to indulge in at the end of a productive workday.

As someone in the midst of her dissertation, I discovered that I was much more productive if I set a word limit for every day. After I meet the limit, I can do whatever I want for the rest of the day including writing more, staring dumbly at my monitor, or playing with a mean cat. And Starbucks proves to be an adequate reward for me. So for those writing or those advising we who are writing, the article is worth a read, especially since Santa brought me knee-high boots instead of a finished dissertation.