CFP: Religious Hatred in the US


Greetings, faithful blog readers,

I am organizing a panel on Religious Hatred in the U.S. for the American Studies Association Annual Meeting, October 16-19, in Albuquerque, New Mexico. This panel seeks to engage historical incidents, contemporary case studies, rhetorical analyses as well as theoretical examinations of religious hatred in the United States. The panel should engage with the scholarly presentation of religious hatred: How is this term applied or avoided? Does it help or hinder scholarly endeavor to use the terminology of hatred? Is there hesitance in employing this term?

For instance, my proposal will focus on a 1920s Klan essay contest in which they write about tolerance/intolerance, which really looks like an exposition of religious hatred. This panel seeks to document, but also subtly, call into question how we approach the study of religious hatred in American culture.

Please send an abstract (no more than 500 words), title (no more than fifteen words), and an abbreviated CV to kellyjbaker (at) gmail (dot) com by Jan. 16. Please contact me via email, not on the blog.

All proposals should follow the ASA's submission guidelines for session descriptions, paper abstracts, and CVs, which are described on the ASA website.