Fea's Op-Ed

A must-read: our contributing editor John Fea's piece "Is America a Christian Nation: What Both the Left and Right Get Wrong," from the History News Network. My favorite paragraph:

Thinking historically does not mean that people cannot learn from the past -- they should and must. But they should be careful how they use historical examples. Exploring the past requires a concern for what it was really like. The past is like a foreign country. Those who enter it as guests should try to understand its foreignness in a way that respects our dead ancestors who inhabit it. We must not invade the past with the goal of remaking it into our own image. The past may not always be useful when we want to invoke it. But only when we confront it head-on, without preconceived agendas, will we be able to learn from it and let it transform us.

Can I get a witness?


Excellent piece!!! I've reposted it at my blog. Concerned as I am about this "Christian America" stuff, it's important to get it right. I think John got it right!!!

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