Early Modern Atlantic World

When I entered graduate school, I had no idea what the word "historiography" was. The thought that historians had debates, schools of thought, and responded to one another was totally foreign to me. Thankfully, a senior student mentioned to me "Grob and Bilias ... they're your salvation" and they were. Now, I love historiography. I admire our profession and discipline so much that I try to nibble and sample whenever and wherever I can. In the last few days, I have put on about 10-15 lbs of historiographical weight because of Linford Fisher and his graduate students at Brown. They provide a pot-luck of epic proportions (I mean, we're talking Pioneer day proportions) on the Early Modern Atlantic World and Religion.

Here is the link ... but clicker beware, you may want more than seconds.


Christopher said…
What a fantastic resource. I wish this was around when I was studying for comps a few years back!