Texans, Dinosaurs Walked the Earth at the Same Time

Paul Harvey

I'm an Okie by birth, so I'm declaring today beat up on Texans day.

Ok, not all Texans, but one-third approximately do think that our ancestors weren't bowling alone but were communing with dinosaurs, which seems a significantly high percentage (albeit a somewhat lower percentage than of all Americans who insist that "foreign aid" is a huge part of the federal budget, and we can solve our deficit by eliminating or reducing it). University of Texas professor David Prindle "says the results recall a line from comedian Lewis Black. 'He did a standup routine a few years back in which he said that a significant proportion of the American people think that the 'The Flintstones' is a documentary,' Prindle says. 'Turns out he was right. Thirty percent of Texans agree that humans and dinosaurs lived on the earth at the same time.'" It should be added that 41% disagreed with the statement, which is good; but 31% said "don't know," not so good.

Then, "The Sheepish Revolutionary" covers how a devout Southern Baptist state legislator who keeps her pastor on speed-dial to consult on votes insists that "I don't think you can say we've really taken away from education" of a House budget that sliced education funding by 18%. Or maybe that was not meant as a factual statement, but a faith-based one.

HT to Todd Moye for the above.


I would love to see a national study done on this, if only to save the poor Texans from themselves. Wonder if something like that is in the works...

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