FSU's 10th Annual Graduate Student Symposium

February 18-20 marks the 10th Annual Graduate Student Symposium sponsored by the Department of Religion at Florida State University. Participants include many names that are familiar to our blog readers: Amanda Porterfield, John Corrigan, Sylvester Johnson, Kathryn Lofton, Amy Koehlinger, Arthur Remillard, and Kelly Baker, among others. Graduate students from 20 universities will be presenting their ideas about several topics, including the politics of conflict, ritual practice and community identity, issues of empowerment and subjugation, creation and preservation of sacred place and time, legitimization of power, divine authority, and roles of lay practice.

If you missed the CFP this year, you should definitely consider attending next year. I know I'm biased, having graduated from FSU, but this is an incredible graduate conference with all sorts of opportunities for professional development, friendship building, and good old-fashioned fun. Can I get a witness?!

For a conference schedule, click here.


Luke Harlow said…
"What the Foucault Do We Do Now?" Best session title ever (with stellar participants!).
Brian said…
Mike, Any chance I could contact you professionally by email? I am working on a panel together for next year's Church History Conference.

Brian Franklin
esclark said…
Mike - you beat me to the punch on posting this! An updated version of the schedule should be posted soon, with a couple typos fixed and a panel moved. We're pretty pumped about this weekend and our session titles. If you're in driving distance of Tallahassee, come join us!
Paul Harvey said…
Live blog updates from the conference -- I want them!