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Randall Stephens

I've just launched the Historical Society group blog. It will feature short entries and reviews by and interviews with a variety of leading historians. Content will range from ancient to modern history, cultural to political history, and all points in between. We will highlight material in THS's two publications: Historically Speaking and the Journal of the Historical Society. Regional and national conferences will be announced along with news of Historical Society-sponsored lectures. Posts are forthcoming on THS's 2010 Washington, D.C. conference, organized by Eric Arnesen.

American religious history will be a prominent theme. (Though, Religion in American History will still be your one-stop shop for all things American-religious-history related.)

Our first post comes from Heather Cox Richardson, UMass, Amherst. This is her first entry from her guide for history majors.


DEG said…
First response: Great looking blog. Given the solid articles that y'all put together issue after issue, I'm looking forward to more. Thanks!

Second response: Nice beard and mop. I though you were Patterson Hood for a second.
Brad Hart said…
Great idea for a blog. I will link it over at my group blog (American Creation).
Randall said…
I really feel like I had the Barry Gibb look down. "Well you can tell by the way I walk and talk..."

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