Masterful Pentecostals

Paul Harvey

Our blog contributing editor's work The Fire Spreads: Holiness and Pentecostalism in the American South is featured in the May 2008 Atlantic Monthly, with this appropriate and accurate assessment:

"Stephens's masterful account of how the South nurtured and altered a once-marginalized religious movement-- and how that religion influenced the region-- is the most fluent and authoritative synthesis of a complex and controversial subject." The Critics, Atlantic Monthly, May 2008, p. 102

Congratulations, Randall!

More to come soon on Ed Blum's latest airplane reading, and his thoughts about the Democrats and Donkey Kong.


Anonymous said…
Huzzah for Randall Stephens (I'm in the middle of the Civil War course!).
John Fea said…
Great news, Randall!