Tenured Radical's Advice for Interviewing


For those who are anxiously waiting phone calls for job interviews, Tenured Radical provides some great advice, from what questions to ask the search committee to interview etiquette and tips. My favorite part is TR's advice on what to say when you get THE phone call. She writes:

What to ask when you get the call. Let me just say -- all search committee chairs do not know what they are doing. So make sure to get the following information: Does the committee want to see more of your work before the interview? Should it be sent to the same address as the application? How long will the interview be and what other committee members will be there? What topics will the committee want to cover? What hotel will they be in and how will you find their room?

And by the way -- practice this, because when you get the call, your heart will leap and you will become momentarily dazed. What normally happens is the person on the other end says "Hi, this is Dr. Committeechair, and I would like to arrange an interview at the MLAHA," and the breathless candidate says weakly, "Oh -- hi." Try this instead:

"Why, hello, Dr. Committeechair," you say in a firm, confident tone. "I'm so happy to hear from you!" As if you expected to all along.

S0 f0r all interviewing, take a deep breath and show that lucky search committee your talent and skill.