New and Improved ACHA Graduate Student Summer Research Grants

 At its Jan 2018 meeting, the Executive Council of the American Catholic Historical Association, under the leadership of President Kathleen Sprows-Cummings, approved an increase in the number of Graduate Student Summer Research Grants to be awarded each summer and the Council authorized an increase in the amount of money per award.

The ACHA is happy to offer 4 grants for the summer of 2018, each for a total of $2500.

In taking this measure, the Executive Council wished to continue the ACHA’s long-standing commitment to graduate student research. The increased amount of support per award was also designed with the goal of funding more graduate student research in archives and libraries abroad.
Dr. Carolyn Twomey conducts research with a
Graduate Student Summer Research Grant from the ACHA
at the Parker Library at Cambridge University, Corpus
Christi College.

Graduate students who have completed their coursework and are researching topics related to the history of Catholicism broadly defined are encouraged to apply.

Applications are due on April 30. More details can be found here.

Many thanks,
Carolyn Twomey and Peter Cajka 


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