History Department Job Postings in U.S. Religious History

Andrea L. Turpin

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times. For job-seekers in U.S. religious history, Dickens seems to describe the history department market this year. The best of times: there is more than one tenure-track job specifically dedicated to U.S. religious history. The worst of times: no tenure-track job not specifically dedicated to this field lists it as a desired specialty. And it’s worth noting that most of the jobs in the field are at religiously affiliated institutions, albeit quite different ones. I would love to see history departments at a wide variety of institutions explicitly seeking coverage in this area. Still, I have to assume religious history remains a desirable subfield for at least some of these other jobs, considering that a mere 8 years ago the American Historical Association reported that religion was the largest subfield within the profession (with 7.7% of members listing it as one of three specialties).

So without further ado, here are the jobs (with links to the full posting) that would be of particular interest to readers of this blog:


1. Assistant or Associate Professor of History of American Christianity, Department of History and Ecumenics, Princeton Theological Seminary. A bit of online investigation turns up that the standard teaching load for the seminary is 2/2. It does not manage to turn up whether any sort of faith commitment or affiliation is required for the position, though PTS is affiliated with the mainline Presbyterian Church (USA), and the position calls for ability to teach Presbyterian history specifically. Application review begins October 6.

2. Assistant Professor of American Christianity, Department of History, Wheaton College (IL). Teaching load is 3/3. Wheaton requires adherence to a statement of faith and lifestyle expectations covenant. Application review begins October 9.

Side note: Wheaton is going to town. More advanced scholars in the field of U.S. religious history who can sign Wheaton’s statements would be eligible for two other positions currently advertised there: the Arthur F. Holmes Chair of Faith and Learning (applications reviewed immediately) and the Dean of Humanities and Theological Studies (applications reviewed September 30).

3. Assistant Professor of Muslims/Islam in North America, Joint Appointment between College of Liberal Arts (department flexible, with History listed as a desirable one) and Religious Studies Program, University of Minnesota-Twin Cities. Teaching load is 2/2. Application review begins October 15.

Bonus Position:

Come be my colleague! This job does not specifically ask for a specialty in U.S. religion, but many readers of this blog would find the Baylor history department an agreeable home as our Ph.D. program focuses on religion and culture.

4. Assistant Professor of U.S. South (19th Century/Antebellum Preferred), Department of History,
Baylor University. Teaching load is 2/2. Baylor hires faculty who are active in any faith community associated with the Judeo-Christian tradition, broadly defined. Application review begins November 1.


OK, so these two aren’t in history departments, but they are too good not to mention, and would be welcoming to scholars trained in history departments because both institutions chose to list these positions on the AHA job website:

1. Postdoctoral Research Associates in Religion and Politics (in the U.S.), John C. Danforth Center on Religion and Politics, University of Washington-St. Louis. One year appointment renewable for second year. Teaches 1-2 courses/year. Three positions available. Application review begins January 8.

2. Research Associates and Visiting Faculty, Women’s Studies in Religion Program, Harvard Divinity School. Teaches 1 course/year. Five positions available. Application review begins October 15.

Since I’m a historian and all, I’ll cite my sources: the AHA job site, the Council for Christian Colleges & Universities (CCCU) job site, the history jobs wiki, and h-net. If I’ve missed any history department positions that specifically ask for U.S. religious history, please add them to the comments section!


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