Spring Preview: Cushwa Center for the Study of American Catholicism

Catherine R. Osborne 

(posting for the Cushwa Center for the Study of American Catholicism, University of Notre Dame)

I wanted to take a moment, now that the end of semester gradefest has died down, to highlight upcoming grant deadlines and events that will take place at Notre Dame this spring.

1) Grants! Research Travel Grants (for travel to the ND archives) and the Hibernian Research Award (for research on an Irish or Irish-American subject) are due December 31. Additionally, you can gear up for the next round of Theodore M. Hesburgh Research Travel Grants, which support research projects in any academic discipline that draw on the Hesburgh papers. These are so great for any projects involving government, international relations, etc, during the mid 20th century. They are due April 1.

2) Lecture! Timothy Neary, associate professor of history and coordinator of the American Studies program at Salve Regina University, will speak on "For God and Country: Bishop Sheil's Vision for Youth Sports," on Feb 10 at Notre Dame.

3) Retirements! From the point of view of history of religion, we have two very significant retirements this year at Notre Dame: Thomas Kselman and Mark Noll. I interviewed Professor Kselman for this blog last fall, and a symposium in his honor will be held at Notre Dame on March 9.

Mark Noll's students have organized a multi-day conference for March 30-April 1. There is much more information available here, and while I would under other circumstances say more in this space, we will be devoting our March 21 post to a conference preview. Please do explore the site and register for the conference, and if you are not able to travel for it, be assured that we will cover it here.

4) Conferences!

The Seminar in American Religion will meet on April 1 to discuss John T. McGreevy's new book, American Jesuits and the World: How an Embattled Religious Order Made Modern Catholicism Global (Princeton, 2016). Commentators for this seminar are Thomas Bender of New York University and Laurie Maffly-Kipp of Washington University in St. Louis. Most readers of this blog are familiar with the Seminar, but just in case: it meets twice annually and is open to the public. Commentators address the book before discussion is opened to the audience, which generally consists of scholars from across the Midwest. More information is available by writing to cushwa@nd.edu.

Finally, Cushwa's spring semester will conclude with an international conference titled "Too Small a World: Catholic Sisters as Global Missionaries," which will meet from April 6-8 at Notre Dame. The conference program and registration information are available here.

5) Newsletter

Our fall newsletter is available here. As usual, it contains not only a variety of event recaps, conference announcements, interviews, and upcoming deadlines, but also a roundup of recent book and article publications in American religious history and in international Catholic history. The spring newsletter has a submission deadline of January 15, and will become available in March.


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