Guy Carawan, 1927-2015

Paul Harvey

Just a brief follow-up to the previous post on the work about Mississippi. Previously I had meant to post something about the passing of Guy Carawan, but had not done so. But what I would have written has pretty well been covered by Daniel Silliman here, so just a quick recommendation of his post. From the post:
Carawan was the music director of the Highlander Folk School, a social justice training center in East Tennessee, co-founded by Southern students of theologian Reinhold Neibuhr. Carawan was part of the folk revival scene in Greenwich Village, in New York, and was first sent to Highlander by Pete Seeger. He took over as music director in 1959 and, the next year, was present at the founding of the SNCC. 

He provided the group with the music that came to define the movement.

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rjc said…
Thanks for noting Guy Carawan's passing here, Paul.

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