America's Baptists: New Series from University of Tennessee Press

The note below comes from Keith Harper of Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary. Keith will be initiating and editing a new series with the University of Tennessee Press, on Baptist history in America. Below is a note about the series, brief explanation, and contact information.

America's Baptists have been key players throughout the nation's
history. Sometimes Baptists have been at the forefront of significant social
and cultural change, as with the call for the separation of church and
state. At other, more dubious times, they have commanded center stage
because of internal conflict. Their ranks have produced Presidents and
paupers, pulpiteers and pundits. Their story began as a people marginalized
by cultural and political elites. Gradually, they moved to the mainstream
but by the twenty-first century, they once again faced marginalization.

Such a rich, diverse, and complicated history merits close
attention. The America's Baptist Series seeks to explore all aspects of
Baptist history in America. As such, this series will not be limited to one
specific group of Baptists. Rather, this series welcomes works that explore
neglected or understudied aspects of Baptist history, as well as works that
offer thoughtful reconsiderations of familiar themes.

If you have questions or wish to submit a proposal, contact Keith
Harper, Series Editor for America's Baptists --


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