Religious History and Religious Studies Syllabi from the Past Semester

Lincoln Mullen

Happy New Year, Religion in American History readers.

One of my favorite ways to get to know a scholar is to read her syllabi. Syllabi show how scholars put together a whole field. (And probably no text reveals personality as much as the introduction and policies on a syllabus.) Yet unfortunately teaching documents are shared less routinely than our research, so we are much more likely to know a scholar's books and articles than her syllabi. Following the example of Paul Putz's regular lists of new books, I intend to start a posting a roundup of syllabi for religious history and religious studies from the past semester from whoever wishes to contribute.

So here is a list of past syllabi from people who replied to my entreaties. Only a small number replied this first time, but if you would like to add your syllabus to this list, feel free to leave a link in the comments, or you can e-mail me a document and I'll add it (

N.B. The following syllabi have been added since this post was first published:


Here's a link to my Empire and the Construction of Religion course from last semester:
Unknown said…
Thanks, Mike. I've also added your syllabus to the body of the post.
Jonathan said…

First, thanks for gathering and posting these. It's a service and a help for people at all stages of teaching.

Second, you say that you really come to know people and teaching through syllabi. For a subsequent post, I'd be interested in your reflecting on the trends you see in these syllabi.
Unknown said…
Thanks for the suggestion, Jonathan. I'll think about doing that next time.

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