New Books and their Podcasts: A 2014 Round-Up

Cara Burnidge
To wrap up our 2014, today's post is short and sweet. For readers traveling to the American Historical Association Meeting, the American Society of Church History meeting, or home for/from the holidays, here's a list of recent podcasts to keep you company.

Hosted by Kristian Peterson, the New Books in Religion series has a great list of interviews that can keep you busy for hours. Discussions range from theoretical approaches to the study of religion to the inspiration behind the latest books in the field. Readers may be particularly interested in Kristian's interviews with Blogmeister Emeritus Paul Harvey and Ed Blum along with interviews with Matt Hedstrom, Isaac Weiner, Kathryn Lofton, Monica Miller, Kelly Baker, Joshua Dubler, and John Modern.

In case those interviews are not enough, there are more New Books podcasts for your listening pleasure. Hillary Kaell now hosts New Books in Christian Studies, which boasts an interview with Pamela Klassen about her recent book Sprits of Protestantism: Medicine, Healing, and Liberal Christianity. Hillary will become a regular host at New Books, so we can expect to hear more great interviews in 2015.

Speaking of new books about Protestantism in America, Matthew Avery Sutton's is on its way to becoming "a new standard" in the history of religion in America. So goes the interview goes between New Books in Intellectual History host Ray Haberski and Sutton. Their podcast can be found here.

New Books isn't the only podcast that offers thought provoking interviews, you can find more at the Journal of Southern Religion and at Marginalia Review of Books. While there are many interviews at Marginalia that fit here at the blog (like this, this, this), I highly recommend Kristian's interview with Aaron Hughes. Grad students and recent grads should be ready to take notes while they listen. Hughes offers excellent, detailed advice on how to transition a dissertation to a book and what kinds of things he looks for in a manuscript.

Happy listening!


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