Religion at the 2014 US Intellectual History Conference

Janine Giordano Drake

I wanted to take this opportunity to congratulate RiAH's own Cara Burnidge and Mark Edwards on the terrific US Intellectual History Conference which they have planned for this long weekend!

In addition to a plenary by the indomitable Katie Lofton, the conference this year features many other panels which concern religion.

Check out the program here!

Panel 5: Cold War Intellectuals Reconsidered (Notre Dame)
Chair: Elisabeth Lasch-Quinn, The Maxwell School of Syracuse University

At the Brink of Chaos: Neo-Evangelical Criticism of Secular and Religious Thought in the

Dan Hummel, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Trilling on Data
Brian Beaton, University of Pittsburgh

Their Dialectics and Ours: Herbert Marcuse and American Marxism, 1940-1960
Ben Serby, Columbia University

Panel 7: The Matter of Religion in History and Philosophy
Chair: Marilyn Fischer, University of Dayton

Bricks and Words: Abolitionist Angelina Grimke Fights A Mob and Wins the Argument
Louise W. Knight, Northwestern University

Evolutionary Influences in Addams’s Early Essays
Marilyn Fischer, University of Dayton

Santayana’s Materialist Religion
Martin A. Coleman, Indiana University-Purdue University, Indianapolis

Living in a Neorealist Material World: The Reception of Italian Cinema in Postwar America
Anthony B. Smith, University of Dayton

Panel 9: Making and Unmaking the Corporate Order (Purdue)
Chair: Mike O’Connor, Georgia State University

Steam, Steal, and Thought: Charles Francis Adams Jr. and Railway Safety
Zachary Freese, Independent Scholar

The Social Creed of the Churches and the Emergence of Church-Business Partnerships, 1908-
Janine Giordano Drake, University of Great Falls
Comment: Mike O’Connor

Panel 10: No Bound for Riches Has Been Fixed for Man: Greed and the Intellectual
History of Twentieth-Century American Capitalism (Gates)
Chair: Andrew Hartman, Illinois State University

The New Testament of Dale Carnegie: Capitalism Beyond Accumulation?
Andrew Seal, Yale University

The Greed of the Poor: Dependency and the Post-War Political Imagination
Robin Marie Averbeck, University of California, Davis

I’d Like To Buy A Disavowal: Greed and the Psychopathology of Everyday Neoliberal Life
Kurt Newman, University of California, Berkeley

Panel 14: Roundtable: Theological Turn in Intellectual History (Gates)
Chair: Lilian Calles Barger, University of Texas at Dallas

Matthew S. Hedstrom, University of Virginia

Molly Worthen, University of North Carolina

Andrew S. Finstuen, Boise State University

K. Healan Gaston, Harvard Divinity School

In the Spirit of Inquiry: What is “U.S. Intellectual History”? (Fisher Ballroom)

Kathryn Lofton, Yale University

Dan Wickberg, University of Texas at Dallas

Andrew Jewett, Harvard University

Edward Blum, San Diego State University

Jennifer Ratner-Rosenhagen, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Panel 23: Revolutions and Regenerations of New England Clergy in the 18th Century
Chair: John Wilsey, Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary

Birthing Bodies and Doctrine: Jonathan Edwards on the Materiality of Regeneration
Lauren Gray, Florida State University

The Fruits of Revolution: New England Clergy, Commerce, and the French Revolution
Jordan E. Taylor, Indiana University


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