The Histories of American Capitalism

Heath Carter

Registration is now open for Cornell University's blockbuster conference on the Histories of American Capitalism, scheduled for November 6-8, 2014.  Keynote speakers include Julia Ott (the New School), Richard White (Stanford), Jackson Lears (Rutgers), Orlando Patterson (Harvard), Guy Standing (University of London), Nancy Folbre (Univ. of Massachusetts), and Peniel Joseph (Tufts).

The program is structured thematically, with sections on Built and Natural Environments; Race and Ethnicity; Democracy, State, and Nation; Gender and Sexuality; and Intellectual and Cultural.  That final section will be headlined by Lears' plenary address on "Capitalism and American Cultural History," and will include the following panel specifically on Religion:

Chair and Comment: Kevin Kruse, Princeton University

Heath W. Carter, Valparaiso University, "Christianity, Capitalism, and the Power of Working-Class Belief"

Christopher D. Cantwell, University of Missouri-Kansas City, "God's Foremen: The Evangelical Imperatives of Industrial Management"

William J. Schultz, Princeton University, "The Making of Jesus Springs: Capitalism and Culture War in Colorado Springs"

Katherine Mohrman, University of Minnesota, "A Materialist Spirituality: The Translocation of Political Economy and Sexuality in Mormonism at the Turn of the Twentieth Century"

As I mentioned in a post here back in 2013, the intersection of the new history of capitalism and American religious history is suddenly very busy.  Will be interesting to see how this conference advances the conversation.  More on that to come.  Lodging in Ithaca is in short supply, so if you think you might make it, you should reserve your room sooner rather than later. 


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