Historical Society of the Episcopal Church: Grant Opportunity

Mike Utzinger

The Historical Society of the Episcopal Church invites applications from individual scholars and academic and ecclesiastical groups for grants to support significant research, conferences, and publications relating to the history of the Church of England, the Anglican communion worldwide, and the Anglican and Episcopal churches in North America.
These grants are usually modest in amount: $1,000-$2,000 generally, though more or less may be awarded depending on the number of awards given and the amount of funds actually available in any particular year. Typical grants would include travel to collections or resources, dissertation research, and seed money for larger projects.
Applications must include:
  1. A statement of the subject and purpose of the project of no more than 500 words;
  2. A bibliography of the project, no more than a single page;
  3. A concise curriculum vitae;
  4. A projected total budget for the project and the specific amount requested (with a detailed statement of how it will be used).  If this is less than the total budget, it must be made clear how a small grant would help and what other resources are available or being pursued;
  5. At least two letters of recommendation (in the case of a graduate student, we expect that one of those letters will be from the project's main supervising professor);
  6. A sample of recent scholarly writing (an article, essay, or chapter of no more than ten pages).
Applications must be submitted by April 1st. Application materials should be uploaded in .pdf format.
  • Click the Upload button.
  • Enter the password hsec
  • Select the file to upload from the files on your computer.
The Rev. Dr. Robyn M. Neville, Chair of the Grants and Research Committee, will confirm receipt within a week of submission.
Grants will be announced July. It is expected that winners will make an appropriate submission to Anglican and Episcopal History.

To see prior work funded and to upload your application visit: http://www.hsec.us/grants/


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