Conceived in Doubt -- Session at #AHA2014 #ASCH2014

Quick note -- for those you who read Mike Altman's post below previewing his comments at the AHA/ASCH panel on Amanda Porterfield's Conceived in Doubt: Religion and Politics in the New American Nation, they have now been updated to include all of his comments. You can also follow the basic thread of comments at the ASCH's live blog, which you can access here (you have to scroll backwards at the bottom of the page).

Over at his blog, John Fea has a number of correspondents writing in with impressions of various sessions at the AHA/ASCH, and John reports in on his own session on Religion and the American Revolution, featuring John, our blogger Chris Jones giving us an early taste of his dissertation, and our good friend Kate Carte Engel. It's a good read. Featured there also is a photograph of Mike Altman, Chris Jones, and our occasional guest blogger Matthew Bowman stylin' at the book exhibit.


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