RiAH at AHA/ASCH 2014: Preconference Round Up

Cara L. Burnidge

If you are attending the American Historical Association's annual meeting and/or the American Society of Church History's Winter Meeting in Washington, D.C. next week, then you may be like me and thinking "next week?!" To help you (me) plan your (my) schedule, I've started a Google Doc that lists the panels and roundtables featuring RiAH contributors. I tried to include both past and present contributors as well as friends of the blog whose books have been reviewed by contributors. You can view the list here.

In case there are panels or presentations I left out, the doc can be edited by anyone who views it. Feel free to add panels, presentations, roundtables, and the like that you think would be of interest to RiAH readers. I only searched the names of contributors, which leaves out promising panels about religion in American History like the one on Reconstruction-era Religion, on Catholic Narratives during the Civil War, on Religion, Refuge, and Resistance in Indigenous History, or on Wine Drinking. Not to mention these papers on American Protestant missionaries and Chinese Muslims, on religion, sexuality and "Hindoo" children in nineteenth-century America, and on the Native American Church Movement.

Of course, you don't have to take my word for it. You can search the AHA schedule here and find information about the mobile app here. The ASCH schedule can be found here.

If anyone figures out how to be in two places at once, let me know!


john said…
Thanks, Cara! I added a panel happening on Thursday. I appreciate your sharing this work with us all!
Cara Burnidge said…
Thanks, John. I'm glad you added to the list. I hope others find it useful. Perhaps our paths will cross later this week!

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