American Society of Church HIstory Annual Winter Meeting 2014

Michael Pasquier

The winter meeting of the American Society of Church History is fast approaching. Here's a list of panels that should be of interest to those who visit the blog. The range of topics is incredible. I wouldn't miss it for the world. You can get the full program here.

Thursday, January 2

The Christian Law of Marriage: Debate and Discussion of A.G. Roeber's Hopes for Better Spouses: Protestant Marriage and Church Renewal in Early Modern Europe, India, and North America
Heike Liebau
Amanda Porterfield
Kirsten Sword
A. Gregg Roeber

Printing Evangelicalisms: Evangelical Book Culture across Three Centuries
Catherine Brekus
Jonathan Yeager
Keith Grant
Daniel Vaca

Friday, January 3

Fracturing a Global Empire: Religion and Place in the American Revolution
Anna Lawrence
Christopher Jones
John Fea
Katherine Carte Engel
Mark Allen Peterson

Texts and the Origins of Liberal Religion in America, 1880-1950
Lydia Willsky
Matthew Bowman
Elesha Coffman
Matthew Hedstrom

America's Wars: Revealing Divisions and Transforming Beliefs
Darryl Hart
Benjamin Wetzel
Cara Burnidge
Paul Kemeny
Richard Gamble

Doubting the Democratization Thesis: A Roundtable Discussion of Amanda Porterfield's Conceived in Doubt: Religion and Politics in the New American Nation
Katherine Carte Engel
Michael Altman
James Byrd
Kathryn Gin Lum
Mark Noll

Exporting la Croix, Importing le Monde: French Catholic Missionaries Take on the Globe
Sue Peabody
Nathan Marvin
Christine Croxall
Jenna Nigro
Michael Pasquier

Saturday, January 4

Re-Imagining the "Missionary": Definitions, Debate, and Voices of Disagreement from the American Margins to World Christianity
Christine Leigh Heyrman
Benjamin Wright
Marie Stango
Deanna Womack
Ellen Walsh

The Message is the Medium: Missions to Indians as Central to the Early American Republic
Linford Fisher
Brian Russell Franklin
Nicholas Joseph Aieta
Joshua Rice

I Have Become All Things to All People: Pentecostals' Interactions with American Culture
Kate Bowler
Christopher Kinder
Susie Butler
Jonathan Root

Placing Faith in American Global Policy
Raymond Haberski
Cara Burnidge
Mark Thomas Edwards
Lilian Calles Barger

Faith in War: Religious Difference among U.S. Military Personnel
Grant Wacker
Keven Walters
Jacqueline Whitt
Jonathan Ebel

Religion and the American Civil War: History and Historiography
Mark Noll
Harry Stout
Allen Guelzo
James McPherson
George Rable
Laurie Maffly-Kipp

Faith, Power, and Resistance: New Directions in Latina/o Religious History
Arlene Sanchez-Walsh
Adriana Nieto
Erica Ramirez
Elias Ortega-Aponte
Felipe Hinojosa

Science, Religion and Popular Culture in Modern Europe and America, 1890-1950
Ronald Numbers
Erika Dyson
Matthew Stanley
Christopher White

Devising a New Lexicon of Race Relations: African Americans, the International Missionary Council, and the British Missionary Discourse on Civilizing Africa, 1920-1940
Dana Robert
Andrew Barnes
Elizabeth Engel
Richard Elphick

Re-Structuring, Still: Twenty-Five Years with Robert Wuthnow's The Restructuring of American Religion
Amy Koehlinger
Melissa May Borja
Joseph Blankholm
Matthew Hedstrom
Daniel Vaca
Robert Wuthnow

Sunday, January 5

Disagreement, Debate, and Discussion in Reconstruction-Era Religion
Jennifer Graber
Steve Longenecker
Jeffrey Bach
Charles Irons

The Politics of Enthusiasm in the Early Modern Anglo-Protestant World
Phyllis Mack
Adrian Chastain Weimer
Paul Lim
John Corrigan

Christianity and Controversy in the Enlightenment
Bruce Janacek
Bryan Banks
Abram Van Engen
Rachel Reeves

American Catholic Responses to the Politics of Life and Human Rights
Leslie Tentler
Daniel Williams
Raymond Haberski
Marian Mollin

Highways of Providence: American Seekers in a New World, 1870-1990
Thomas Tweed
Davis Mislin
Sara Georgini
Hillary Kaell

Christians Debating Yoga: Exercise, Non-Christian Religion, or Christian Devotion?
Shreena Gandhi
Philip Deslippe
Andrea Jain
Candy Gunther Brown


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