Congratulations to Karen Johnson and Elesha Coffman

Paul Harvey

A special here for RiAH readers -- just a quick note of congratulations to our contributor Karen Johnson, whose latest post on racial reconciliation is just below, for just completing her Ph.D. at the University of Illinois, Chicago, where she studied with renowned historian and comedian Kevin Schultz! And congratulations to Karen, too, for accepting a position starting next academic year at Wheaton College, where she will be teaching U.S. History (and, no doubt, a thing or two about Catholicism!).

Also, tomorrow and MOnday we have two posts on our contributor Elesha Coffman's new book on the Christian Century and the mainline -- but here just a note of congratulations to Elesha on the birth of her new baby son! To sum it up another way: in one year Elesha has taken a new job, published her first book, and had a new baby -- heckuva job, Elesha!


Anonymous said…
Congratulations, all! (And I'm selfishly pleased to hear Karen is staying close to Chicagoland!)
Mark T. Edwards said…
Congratulations to you both!
Paul Harvey said…
Your post was funny, Matt, but Kevin holds his own in the humor department.
Karen Johnson said…
Thanks to all. And yes, Kevin is hilarious.
Funny, huh?

I guess I'm glad looks aren't everything then.

Ba-Dum Ching!

And of course it's true that I'd be half as humorous if I didn't have completely competent and intelligent graduate students like Karen to "advise." Congrats again Karen. You look good in "Flame and Indigo" medieval costumery!

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