Home Alone as Historians Partied Like It Was 1799

Paul Harvey

Well, while about 4,300 historians were partying in New Orleans during the American Historical Association Thursday until today, certain other historians (clearing throat) were home sneezing, sniffling, and coughing their way through the weekend, watching Black Jesus (Robert Griffin III) get crucified by some angry birds from Seattle, and orchestrating a small army of workmen traipsing through said historian's home while staring at the grand canyon of moving boxes blocking any passageway through the living room. Jealous yet?

Yeah, it was party central here, while the poor folks in NOLA had to talk history at places like Arnaud's, the Central Grocery, Cochon, Commander's Palace, dives on Magazine Street, and of course Cafe du Monde (judging by facebook and twitter accounts).

But I digress. For those who want serious coverage of the AHA, check out this post, on John Fea's blog, where a lot of other posts (both religious history related, and some more general) are helpfully linked; and there; and check out this string of posts as well, also on John's blog, where a number of guest posters give their thoughts, focusing particularly on the concurrent sessions hosted by the American Society of Church History, including a roundtable on Darren Dochuk's book and many other treats. You can follow a lot of this at this hashtag: #aharel13

In case you were wondering what blog contributor Linford Fisher had for lunch this weekend -- see above. Party on, historians!