2013: New Year, New Blog

Paul Harvey

Happiest New Year to our blog readers.

Your friendly blogmeister is taking some time away from blogmeistering to move a bunch of clutter from a garage apartment where he's been blogmeistering for the past 8 months (but it only seemed like 8 years, really) to a not-yet-done-with-renovations house.

Our little blog will be back in the New Year. Starting in February, I hope, the blog will have a new design, and a new regular schedule of posters (we intended that to happen in 2012, but alas . . . ). We have a few new contributors on board, who will bring fresh perspectives and topics here as well.

Until then, and in continuation of our annual tradition, here is Bessie Jones's rendition of Yonder Comes Day, in celebration of Watch Night, the history of which you can read about here.


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