"Evidence" In American Religions

Kelly Baker

I am excited to announce a special issue that I organized for Bulletin for the Study of Religion is now available. The issue began as a panel for North American Association for the Study of Religion (NAASR) on "evidence" in American religions, including Laura Levitt, Jennifer Scheper Hughes, Lauren Winner, Thomas Tweed (as moderator), and me. Each paper wrestled with both the category of "evidence" and differing approaches to the evidence of religion in the Americans. The articles listed below push the boundaries of what counts as evidence and how scholars relate to our objects of study. Emily Bailey's discussion of religion and recipes is a new addition to the original panel, but fits nicely with the larger theme. Sean McCloud and Jason Bivins offer responses to the theoretical and methodological concerns and challenges of these articles. 

I look forward to the conversations this issue encourages, and I am very grateful that the Bulletin's editors, Phil Tite and Craig Martin, provided us a venue to explore these important methodological questions.

Bulletin for the Study of Religion
Current Issue Vol. 41 No. 4 (2012) 




Edward J. Blum said…
too cool! cannot wait to read and assign these pieces
Kelly J. Baker said…
Thanks, Ed. I would love to know what your students think about them. We are swinging for the fences.

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