New Issue of Fides et Historia

Randall Stephens

It's that time of year again.  The new issue of Fides et Historia (Summer/Fall 2012) will soon be in mailboxes and on library shelves around the country.  (You can access new and back issues on ATLA as well.)

In this latest issue you'll find dozens of book reviews in theology, religious studies, religion and politics, sociology or religion, and church history along with some very interesting forums and stand-alone essays.

Here's the table contents:

Volume 44, No. 2 Summer/Fall 2012

From the Editor Donald A. Yerxa


Common Ground: The Perspective of Timothy L. Smith on American Religion History
Floyd T. Cunningham

The Anti-Secular Tradition in British Historiography: From Herbert Butterfield to Maurice Cowling
S.J.D. Green

Roundtable: Beyond the Protestant Nation

Christopher D. Cantwell

American Metaphysical Religion
Catherine L. Albanese

American Jewish History Against the Grain
Lila Corwin Berman

A History Beyond “Belief”
Wallace Best

The Mormon Story
Richard Lyman Bushman

I’m Starting to Think this is Not About Catholics
Robert Orsi

Roundtable: Historians, Historiography, and the Confessional Divide

Crossing Confessional Divides: An Introduction
William Katerberg

Reflections on Historians, Historiography, and the Confessional Divide
Dana Robert

A Roman Catholic Perspective
Leslie Woodcock Tentler

A Confessional Divide?
Mark A. Noll

Review Essays:

The Unintended Reformation: Two Views

Betraying the Word
Robert G. Ingram

The Illegitimacy of the Modern Age
Thomas Albert Howard

Of Swords, Shields, and Scaffolding: American Religion and Foreign Relations
William Inboden

Book Reviews

In the next installment (Winter/Spring 2013) we'll include a forum on Mormonism as well as articles by Philip Jenkins, Daryl Ireland, and George Harper.

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