Histories of the Sacred and Secular: New Book Series

Paul Harvey

I am excited to announce this new book series from Palgrave MacMillan. Anyone who has a possible interest or book manuscript in the works out there who thinks this would fit them, please feel free to contact me about this.


    Histories of the Sacred and the Secular, 1700 - 2000
   Edited by David Nash, Oxford Brookes University, UK

About the Series

 Histories  of  the  Sacred  and  the  Secular  1700  -  2000  reflects  the  awakened  and  expanding 
 profile of the history of religion within the academy in recent years. Intending to publish 
 exciting new and high quality work on the history of religion and belief since 1700, the series 
 actively encourages the production of interdisciplinary proposals and the use of innovative 
 methodologies.  We  welcome  book  proposals  on  the  history  of  Atheism,  Secularism, 
 Humanism and unbelief/secularity and encourage research agendas in this area alongside 
 those in religious belief, as well as proposals covering subjects in Britain, Europe, the United 
 States and Oceana. Histories of the Sacred and the Secular 1700 - 2000 aims to reflect both 
 the work of new scholars entering the field, alongside the work of established scholars.

 Editorial Board

 Professor Callum Brown, Dundee University, UK
 Professor William Gibson, Oxford Brookes University, UK
 Dr Carole Cusack, Sydney University, Australia
 Professor Beverley Clack, Oxford Brookes University, UK 
 Dr Bert Gasenbeek, Humanist University, Utrecht, Netherlands
 Professor Paul Harvey, University of Colorado at Colorado Springs, USA

                  for  more  details  of  the  series  or  guidelines  on 
                  submitting a proposal contact the general Editor:

                                     Professor David Nash



Charles Richter said…
If you could just hold a spot for me until my dissertation is done, that'd be great.

Seriously, though, this is exciting. I'm looking forward to seeing what comes out of it.

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