Graduate Student Workshop in American Jewish History: Call for Applications

Apropos of the post just below on an important new book in the history of American Judaism, please see and forward along this announcement, for a new graduate student workshop in American Jewish History:
 Graduate Student Workshop in American Jewish History
May 20-22, 2013
Deborah Dash Moore, University of Michigan
Beth S. Wenger, University of Pennsylvania
Jewish Politics and American Society
Inline image 3The Frankel Center for Judaic Studies together with the American Jewish Historical Society and the Jacob Rader Marcus Center of the American Jewish Archives announce a graduate student workshop in American Jewish history to be held at the University of Michigan.  Designed to bring together graduate students invested in both American history and Jewish history, the workshop will encourage productive conversations that push the boundaries of both fields based on the premise that these historical subfields are mutually constitutive.
 While sessions will focus on in-depth discussion of dissertation chapters, the workshop’s larger goal aims to give graduate students a forum in which to discuss their work within the growing field of American Jewish history and to explore issues of pedagogy and professionalization with the purpose of creating an intellectual community. The theme of the workshop looks at politics—broadly defined—to enable more sophisticated analysis and understanding of identity formation, negotiation of power, voting choices, social affiliation, religious change, and ultimately transformations in American and Jewish life.
 ELIGIBILITY: Graduate students who have achieved candidacy and will have a dissertation chapter ready to pre-circulate by early spring 2013. Housing and meals will be provided. Students must provide their own transportation.
 APPLICATION: All materials should be submitted online as pdfs to
  1. A 3- to 5-page dissertation prospectus that demonstrates how the dissertation fits in the historiography of both Jewish history and American history
  2. A CV
  3. A brief description of career goals (250 words)
  4. One recommendation letter from an advisor (sent separately)
 DEADLINE: January 4, 2013
Students will be notified of decision by February 4, 2013


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