Fresh Air Interview on Color of Christ: But Really, What Did He Look Like?

Paul Harvey

Reporting in from the American Academy of Religion, which sprawled across Chicago and McCormick Place like my ski gear used to sprawl across the slopes during particularly spectacular spills and falls on the slopes. Glad I brought my walking shoes at least. So glad to see many blog friends and followers here. 

T.M. Luhrmann's book When God Talks Back examines how evangelicals perceive and relate to God.The blog will be on a little break while a lot us return from conference season, try to recover from late nights and non-stop talking, and celebrate Thanksgiving. In the meantime, why don't you go over to Fresh Air with Terry Gross and listen to the interview with Edward Blum about The Color of Christ. 

Or if that doesn't interest you, check out this interview with Tanya Luhrmann about her book When God Talks Back, aired earlier this year and re-aired on Friday. It's a really interesting and moving conversation. 

See you back here in a few days. 


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