Mormonism in Athens, Ohio

By Michael J. Altman

A friend of mine, photojournalist, and fellow product of the College of Charleston religious studies department, Priscilla Thomas, has produced a really interesting multimedia look at one Mormon family, the Crawfords, in the town of Athens, Ohio. "Raising Faith" is one story in the larger Swing State project produced by the Soul of Athens at Ohio University. Swing State attempts to give Ohio voters a voice on four major sets of issues: land, liberties, health, and the economy.

"Raising Faith" falls under the liberties category of the project and consists of an article about the Crawfords and the larger place of Mormonism in American culture and two brief videos that try to take an intimate look at the small community of Mormons in Athens. For those looking for a quick way to address the "Mormon Moment" and/or the election, this story and the site as whole can be a great resource. Below is a taste of the article and the accompanying video.

I encourage you to check out the entire project. It's a fascinating look at the diversity of a swing state and a model for creative multimedia journalism. Ohio is more than a blank outline on electoral college maps.

Recent transplants to Athens, Ohio, Cory and Rebecca Crawford previously lived in larger urban communities in Massachusetts and Utah. Their transition to small town life has come with some surprises. After moving into their home, the Crawfords began extensive renovations to the property. Understanding of their situation, church members offered to open their homes to the family until major repairs were completed.
“We would come home covered in dust and dirt from working and this neat, wonderful lady would say ‘Eat dinner with my family,’” Rebecca recalls. “She’d treat us like we were one of the family. And feed us dinner. And they loved our kids and they spoiled them like they were grandparents.”


Christopher said…
Thanks, Mike. This is great (both the story of the Crawford family and the entire Swing State site). It should be noted (as the article does) that Cory Crawford is a first-rate scholar of religion who teaches in the Classics and World Religions department at Ohio U.
Paul Juby said…
It is very inspiring to see people actually showing their faith, practicing their faith on a daily basis. I cannot tell you how many times I've seen people who claim Christianity but rarely practice that love Christ intends us to show!
Thank you for a great video!
Unknown said…
Just released NYU study of President Obama and Mitt Romney's body language shows on a word by word basis what each candidate emphasizes.

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