The Episcopal Church of the Borderlands: CFP

by Michael J. Utzinger

Call For Papers: The Historical Society of the Episcopal Church, the Episcopal Women's History Project, and National Episcopal Historians and Archivists announce the 2013 Tri-History Conference theme, “The Episcopal Church on the Borderlands,” and issue a call for papers or panels that explore those places in the Southwest where different cultures and institutions have met in the Episcopal Church. Topics such as ethnic expressions of the Episcopal faith, the adaptation of popular religious traditions in liturgical traditions within the Episcopal Church, the role of military personnel in church planting, the founding of educational institutions affiliated with the Episcopal Church, and the changing relationship of men and women in church leadership are especially welcomed. Proposals submitted before November 1, 2012 will be given highest priority. Proposals should be sent to the Professor Robert W. Prichard, Virginia Theological Seminary, 3737 Seminary Rd., Alexandria, VA 22304. The Tri-History Conference will be held in San Antonio, Texas, in the period from Tuesday evening, June 11 to Friday morning, June 14, 2013.


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