"Religion and the Trans-" Conference

Matthew Cressler 

On the behalf of the graduate students of Northwestern University's Department of Religious Studies, I am pleased to invite you to our interdisciplinary conference "Religion and the Trans-..." in Evanston, IL on October 12–14, 2012. 

Our conference focuses on the recent understanding of boundaries in the interdisciplinary study of religion – whether they are political, cultural, or intellectual – as permeable and transformative.  The conference will feature exciting keynote addresses from Thomas Csordas (Anthropology, University of California, San Diego), Thomas Tweed (Religious Studies, University of Texas at Austin), and Elizabeth Shakman Hurd (Political Science, Northwestern University).  Our keynote speakers will be joined by over twenty gradate student papers representing
variety  of disciplines and speaking on topics as wide-ranging as globalizing Catholicism, translating  Islamic cosmology in China, transmitting religious values in Hindu summer camps, and  the transnational intertwining of Persian mysticism and Black activism. 

A number of papers will be of immediate interest to anyone situated at the intersection of American history and religious studies, addressing everything from lived religion in an age of mass incarceration to American mission agencies as transnational corporations to transnational perspectives on African American religions.  This is a must see event, especially considering the conversations about how religious studies can contribute to the historical study of American religions that have circulated on this blog lately.

The conference is FREE and open to the public, so please visit our website for registration and more information:
http://sites.weinberg.northwestern.edu/religionandthetrans.  Please fee free to contact us with any questions at nureligiousstudiesconference@gmail.com.


Edward J. Blum said…
wow, what a fantastic looking conference! one of my favorite young guns is giving a paper - Guy Emerson Mount who is doing really fascinating work on African American religions at U Chicago
Matthew Cressler said…
I'm really looking forward to that one! Thank you so much for the advertisement, Kelly, and we look forward to a great weekend!

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