RiAH Blog: The Twitter Edition

Kelly Baker

For all of you with Twitter accounts, please consider following @USReligionBlog (or via Facebook). Additionally, many of our RiAH bloggers are also quite active on Twitter. We tweet about not only religion in American history and culture but also among a variety of other topics from pedagogy to current events to parenthood to academic life. I've included a handy list of our bloggers alongside a list of other folks who tweet about American religions.

Here's the list of our bloggers:
Paul Harvey
Mike Altman
Mike Pasquier
Art Remillard
Darren Grem
Ed Blum
Christopher Jones
Matt Bowman
Gerardo Marti
Luke Harlow
Chris Cantwell
Kelly Baker (me!)

Other folks who tweet on American religions:
Andrew Hartman
L.D. Burnett
Richard Bailey
Daniel Silliman
Per D. Smith
Charles Richter
Lincoln Mullen
Chip Callahan
Scott Poole
Julie Byrne
John Lardas Modern
Julie Ignersoll
Anthea Butler
Stephen Prothero
Thomas Kidd
Joanna Brooks
Max Perry Mueller
Kristian Petersen
David Schwartz

Mormon Studies
New Books in Religion
New Books in History

Please feel free to add anyone else in the comments section.


Anonymous said…
The ARDA and the ASARB provide data and data-based analysis of religion, particularly in America.
David Swartz said…
I'm not an RiAH blogger, but you can follow my posts on progressive evangelicals at http://moralminoritybook.com/ and on twitter at @davidrswartz
QasimRashid said…
Im pretty active in blogging about religion @MuslimIQ. Also worth following is @KashifMD

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